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I am not interested in giving my name at this time because the subject matter involves counter-culture and traitors, either of which will have no problem finding out who I am and where I live. If you do not belong to either catagory, the information is much more important than who I am. I will not apologize for the world we live in.

Teh New Sam Jones Ro0M // Sam Jones Revisited

I guess it’s less than two weeks ago I tossed that pic up there. It’s over two years ago I made it and I still gets a kick out of it. I’ve just added a link to it that takes … Continue reading

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Kill teh Rabbit

A Day In Teh Strife 8,263 views  |  996 comments Grasshopper  created this post 14 months ago   Article Below Reprinted in full – Eureka Times Standard   POT FARM POISON Study: Pot grows likely culprit in mammal deaths Thadeus Greenson THE … Continue reading

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Another Space And TiME

Have your friends collect your records and then change your number.        

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Firin’ The Whole

Dateline 12 /7           Of all the drug topics – it’s the closest to having a realistic solution that would remove a house plant from the drug war; making it the most pertinent when it comes … Continue reading

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Another One Spites The Rust

Aquarius Horoscope for week of May 12, 2011 In his Book of Imaginary Beings, Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges reports the following: “Chang Tzu tells us of a persevering man who after three laborious years mastered the art of dragon-slaying. … Continue reading

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The WayBack 2005 (V.7)

 UPDATE // New Year #3 – This is the Dawn of Something Completely Similar to what it was yesterday. Fear Not. Or, you know, Fear. Whatevs.   Many artists want “to aim for the biggest, most obvious target, and hit … Continue reading

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An Udder Forque In Teh Road

  Aries Horoscope for week of April 21, 2011 Now comes one of the supreme tests that most every Aries must periodically face: Will you live up to your promises? Will you follow through on your rousing start? Will you … Continue reading

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