Teh New Sam Jones Ro0M // Sam Jones Revisited

I guess it’s less than two weeks ago I tossed that pic up there. It’s over two years ago I made it and I still gets a kick out of it. I’ve just added a link to it that takes you to ‘BoB(s) Bait Shop and Bunk House.’ If that pic is worth a thousand words then the link is worth 10,000 easy. For whatever reason, the link still reads ‘fireworks over Sidney Harbor,’ but that’s part of the charm. It’s never been worth my time to fix the title of the picture I modified two years ago.

When you click the ‘AssHats’ image, you’ll end up in my little corner of the whirl’d where I am currently listening to ‘Puddle of Mudd,”Flobots,’ and the tune about Bush being an Islamic Fundamentalist. They’re scattered in amongst some other images I’ve trown together recently, but the one worth noting is the one with the Heart, the Fist, and the Triple Skull… click that and you should end up with a little menu at the top right of your screen that reads ‘more from this user.’

I don’t know why you don’t get that menu when you first enter this strange space, maybe that’s no longer the case. Either way, when you get to the ‘I Want a Man’ thread, you’ll have immersed yourself in what we call ‘Teh Blargh Zone.’














Metal Monk B 18x3Club Durante DECiMOE 2 BtMRainPro Moe 3x2


About humboldtkids

I am not interested in giving my name at this time because the subject matter involves counter-culture and traitors, either of which will have no problem finding out who I am and where I live. If you do not belong to either catagory, the information is much more important than who I am. I will not apologize for the world we live in.
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