Firin’ The Whole

Dateline 12 /7
Of all the drug topics – it’s the closest to having a realistic solution that would remove a house plant from the drug war; making it the most pertinent when it comes to ‘changing the way we fight the war on drugs.’

There are only two ways to participate in this war – as an American Citizen or a Gangster… taxes fund the war on drugs. Do you pay taxes?

If ‘NO’ press (1) for Go Fukk Yourself

If ‘YES’ press (2) for Yer Fukked

Think about it this way – .40 out of every tax dollar goes to keping our children’s future a primarily Chinese one. Do you know how the Chinese traditionally treat drug dealers? How about children? Perhaps you are familiar with the Chinese Government’s attitude about religious freedom?

I guess the same problem we all had on the open forum we have in spades here… nobody cares enough to know more than they do about cannabis legislation. This doesn’t hurt MY feelings at all because you will find the same attitude coming from the advocate sites – they hear what they want to hear and do what they want to do.

I don’t have to offer anything but a counterpoint to general misconceptions to satisfy my own desire to remain involved in the discussion and it comes up quite often in my reality. The thing about it being that regular folks are reluctant enough to discuss their misconceptions – people are insulated by their misconceptions… reality is a frail lattice of misconceptions.

I won’t even begin to address the misconceptions of the individual members who run this site; unless they care to enumerate them – and we both know they won’t respond to anything even remotely constructive on the topic… Most of these folks – like most everybody I encounter – feels that 14 states with cannabis legislation represents a majority. That the ball is rolling and they don’t need to know where the ball is heading or what it is doing on it’s way there…

I’ve used my voice to dispel illusions for long enough and I am far too busy using it for dispelling nightmares and building dreams. When it comes to growing the plant – there are five year old kids who know more about it than either of us. When it comes to selling the product, there are fifth graders playing donkey for parents on welfare… if you went to high school – you knew where to get weed. If you went to college – you knew who was the Dope Man around campus. Kids test drive a new designer drug every week and yet we still haven’t ‘industrialized’ the high school simplicity and college commonplace of a product I personally find to be among the most satisfying remedies under the sun.

Do I sound like an infidel if I say children under the ‘age of majority’ shouldn’t be burning reefers? With or without a recommendation from a doctor – as you know there is no such thing as a ‘prescription’ for reefer outside of the handful of Federal Patients (it might be down to just the one guy by now). I highly recommend it for everybody of adult age – even three years BEFORE society allows them to drink in a bar or buy a beer – but sixteen? Still too young. That’s just me and as it stands – it doesn’t matter even a little bit because NOTHING says it’s okay on a Federal level.

So – let me ax y’this… do you trust the Pfizer corporation MORE or LESS than the ‘Dope Man.’ What do YOU say to a healthcare proposition (of ANY shape or size) that doesn’t address medicinal cannabis when literally every job site in America has an insurance policy that supersedes the employer’s policies, the doctor’s recommendations, the State’s LAWS and (last but not least) the individuals choice?

That may seem like a rhetorical >combination< question, but it is designed to start a ripple of contemplation and I would like it if you would leave this space active for my Thursday activities… I do write and have written extensively on the subject and I wouldn’t mind at all coming through here to comment on current events as they develop. There is no better subject to throw three to five hundred words at on a given day… my endeavor these days is to separate my endeavors more than I have in the past. Give the days their due, you might say. I might say.

We might say?

It’s so hard to keep track these days. I am Q as we are YOU and 3Boz Altogether…

See how they’re dumb like the lemming they’re numb see how they lie.

I’m *sighing* (I’m Si G.H.)


About humboldtkids

I am not interested in giving my name at this time because the subject matter involves counter-culture and traitors, either of which will have no problem finding out who I am and where I live. If you do not belong to either catagory, the information is much more important than who I am. I will not apologize for the world we live in.
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One Response to Firin’ The Whole

  1. BoBz says:

    Thanks. I can’t believe this is the 1st time I’ve seen that. I think it’s at least in part for me given the pictures and song, though I’m sure it’s more for someone else…even if it’s only in small part for me, it is appreciated.

    Truly and sincerely – BoBz

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