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The Bull Gang //: Toting Teh Rock

  In the beginning, there was the Bull Gang. Not really, but it has a ring to it. There is definitely a certain cycle to which the Bull Gang is the beginning. The Bull Gang brings the Stone Mason his … Continue reading

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Truth and Beauty //: Beauty and Truth

  For me, the whole Prolific Posting Period started with side by side windows. I have been dealing with some anger and resentment over my treatment these last seven days. These days of adjustment have been a hermetically sealed process. … Continue reading

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NO (0):(N):(e) TOLL >ME< About Her (!)

A SIMPLE LiNK TO THE SONG ‘NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT HER.’ THE BIZZARRO BoB WILL TAKE YOU THERE.   ADDED June Eleven 2011 –   Bizzarro BoB(s) was the Wednesday Icon in October… the Last Wednesday, as it were. … Continue reading

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