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Another Part Two Without A Part One

  Thanks, Jack… Love the Black. The short message makes my day today, but the Black Panel reminds me of when a sports team wears an arm band to honor a former player. I won’t say I am a psychic… … Continue reading

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A Bona Fide Shill (PT. ONE)

  There are only two definitions of the word shill. The word itself is not quite one hundred years old. That is a young word, relatively speaking. It has barely made it’s way out of cultural slang. The culture from … Continue reading

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Mo0SE PUCKY >(OR)< Reign of Tears

Terminal Diagnosis: You have a malignant personality disorder. Your diseased mind deludes you into feeling special, but you are not special; you are the most common sub-species of human-like vermin. You are Legion. You are the Lord of the Flies. … Continue reading

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Time The Avenger

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