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Heads I Win, Tails You Loose

  Okay, class. I realize this is all extra credit that won’t count toward your grade, but it might come in handy some day. The first problem we covered: definitions. Define prohibition. Define marijuana. Define marijuana prohibition. That done, we … Continue reading

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Ruth’s Homer or Casey’s At Bat?

  In an effort to wrap up a ninety day excursion into the meaning of Reefer Baby, I must illustrate the third erroneous argument. Tobacco and Alcohol are proven poisons. We know they have a history that predates the United … Continue reading

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Fear of a Whack Planet (Agro’s With Attitude)

  I took the time to explain myself because you took the time to express some confusion as to the meaning of words. Someone was and is taking sides against the country and continues to. Since it is no longer … Continue reading


End the Prohibition of the War on Drugs

  I especially enjoy it when the meth gets seized. A ton of cocain here and there is always a bonus, of course, but that meth is the good gravy I need to wash down this war on drugs rhetoric. … Continue reading