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Pour Some for the Homies

Hamburgers and Rumors of War Continue reading

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He is Grooming His Poodle

Yes, Kids… Living Comfort Eagle. It was my kid that turned me on to CAKE. It’s a cross generational thing. I don’t know how much she knows about “All in the Family”, but I want to be sure and treat … Continue reading

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Cinderella Story or Master’s Champion?

Cinderella Story or Master’s Champion? Continue reading


The U.S.S. Jimmy Carter and True Grit

This week we have new artwork, a political cartoon and an essay on the importance of preserving integrity through force of arms. Continue reading

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Truth Where We Find It

This when I just wondering what to post today. Literally moments ago. Enjoy. by Stuart Kauffman  ( NPR Website) Galileo, our iconic hero of rationality in the face of the turbulent and overbearing Catholic Church of his day, wrote that the … Continue reading

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