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I guess it’s less than two weeks ago I tossed that pic up there. It’s over two years ago I made it and I still gets a kick out of it. I’ve just added a link to it that takes you to ‘BoB(s) Bait Shop and Bunk House.’ If that pic is worth a thousand words then the link is worth 10,000 easy. For whatever reason, the link still reads ‘fireworks over Sidney Harbor,’ but that’s part of the charm. It’s never been worth my time to fix the title of the picture I modified two years ago.

When you click the ‘AssHats’ image, you’ll end up in my little corner of the whirl’d where I am currently listening to ‘Puddle of Mudd,”Flobots,’ and the tune about Bush being an Islamic Fundamentalist. They’re scattered in amongst some other images I’ve trown together recently, but the one worth noting is the one with the Heart, the Fist, and the Triple Skull… click that and you should end up with a little menu at the top right of your screen that reads ‘more from this user.’

I don’t know why you don’t get that menu when you first enter this strange space, maybe that’s no longer the case. Either way, when you get to the ‘I Want a Man’ thread, you’ll have immersed yourself in what we call ‘Teh Blargh Zone.’














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Kill teh Rabbit

A Day In Teh Strife

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Article Below Reprinted in full – Eureka Times Standard



Study: Pot grows likely culprit in mammal deaths

Thadeus Greenson


Potent rat poisons used on large­scale illegal marijuana farms sprinkled through forest lands throughout the state may be killing off a rare forest carnivore, according to a groundbreaking study released Friday.

“This could be a game changer,” said Arcata City Councilman Mark Wheetley of the study pro­duced by biologists from Universi­ty of California Davis document­ing the deaths of fishers, reclusive members of the Mustelid family that are candidates for protection under the Endangered Species Act. “I think this whole study should serve as a wake up call for the pub­lic to understand the magnitude of the impact of what’s being done to what we consider sacred, protected public lands,” continued Wheetley, who holds a day job as a senior biologist for the California Department of Fish and Game.

Law enforcement and environ­mental officials have long com­plained of the environmental degradation associated with large­scale marijuana cultivation on for­est lands. But the evidence has been almost exclusively anecdotal, limited to stories of diverted streams, networks of irrigation piping, piles of trash and large amounts of commercial fertilizers, insecticides and rodenticides.

The study released Friday docu­ments the scientific data behind the stories for the first time, quan­tifying the environmental impacts of illicit grows.

Mourad Gabriel, lead author of the study and president of Blue Lake’s Integral Ecology Research Center, said the study sprang from efforts to identify and study threats to California’s fisher populations. Because the reclusive forest preda­tors live in coniferous and hard­wood forests — mostly forest, park and tribal lands — far away from urban population centers or agri­cultural fields, Gabriel said researchers were shocked to find

Fishers — members of the Mustelid family — are reclusive carnivores that inhabit remote coniferous and hardwood forests and are candidates for listing as federal endangered species. The weasel-like critters are being poisoned by rodenticide from illegal marijuana gardens, a study released Friday found.

The study found that almost 80 percent of fishers found dead by researchers between 2006 and 2011 had been exposed to high levels of anticoagulant rodenticide — commonly referred to as rat poison.

POT POISON: Such findings come as no shock to law enforcement

they were being poisoned by toxicants at an alarming rate. The study found that almost 80 percent of fishers found dead by researchers between 2006 and 2011 had been exposed to high levels of anticoagulant rodenticide — commonly referred to as rat poison. Because these fishers were being monitored and lived in remote areas, Gabriel said researchers were initially stumped as to what could be the potential exposure points for them.

Then, Gabriel said, it clicked: Researchers realized that all these fishers’ habitats overlapped with illegal mari­juana farms that often used high levels of commercial pesticides and rodenticides to protect their crop. Further, the study notes, all the deaths of exposed fishers occurred between mid-April and mid-May, the optimal time period for planting marijuana out­doors, when growers are most likely to use large amounts of poison to protect their seedlings.

The study describes a grow site discovered by law enforcement less than 7.5 miles from one of the fisher study areas, where large amounts of rodenticide were found sprinkled around plants and lining plastic irri­gation lines, presumably to keep rats from chewing them. The anticoagulant rodenti­cides inhibit mammals’ abili­ty to recycle vitamin K, mak­ing their blood incapable of clotting, leading to uncon­trollable internal bleeding and, ultimately, death. The second-generation poisons can be lethal with a single dose, the study notes, but can take up to a week from inges­tion to be lethal.

Gabriel said some of the rodenticides are treated with “flavorizers” to make the poi­sons taste like bacon, cheese or peanut butter, which could also cause fishers and other animals to eat the poison directly. The most likely — and troubling — conclusion, however, is that the fishers were exposed through their prey: small rodents.

This is a troubling notion for biologists and conserva­tionists for several reasons. First, because fishers have the same prey groups as federally protected, threatened or endangered species like con­dors, spotted owls and martens, those groups may be just as likely to be impact­ed. Second, these poisons could wipe out a whole prey group — wood rats, deer mice and other small scav­enging rodents — in the region, leading to the collapse or partial collapse of a food chain.

Rodenticides, however, are far from the only troubling items found at illicit marijua­na growing sites. In a separate paper, Gabriel and others outline what they found dur­ing a brief visit to an aban­doned marijuana garden in one of their fisher project areas. In addition to pounds of rodenticide, they reported finding 575 pounds of fertil­izer, including 200 pounds of fertilizers with 46 percent nitrogen levels, 24 pounds of slug bait and 32 ounces of Malathion, a potent pesti­cide.

Such findings come as no shock to law enforcement.

Humboldt County Sheriff ’s Office Sgt. Wayne Hansen, who currently heads the county drug task force and has spent years heading mar­ijuana eradication efforts for the county, said the large­scale grows believed to be tied to drug trafficking organiza­tions — the ones most likely to be on remote public lands — often utilize huge amounts of poisons and fer­tilizers, in addition to divert­ing streams and clear-cutting swaths of forest.

Gabriel said his study sim­ply brushes the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The next step for him and fellow researchers, Gabriel said, is to look at whether the use of rodenticides at grow sites on public lands is depleting the prey pool for fishers and other carnivores. But, Gabriel said, there are a tremendous amount of questions associ­ated with these growing operations that warrant sci­entific attention, including the impacts of pesticides, fer­tilizers and stream diversions. The hope, Gabriel said, is that his study and the ones that follow help inform the dis­cussion.

One thing for sure is that the study is already getting loads of attention, having cir­culated through some profes­sional circles before its public release Friday.

Tommy Lanier, director of the White House-funded National Marijuana Initia­tive, said Friday he’s very familiar with the fisher study and hopes it will serve to edu­cate the public about some of the ancillary impacts of the marijuana market. To that end, Lanier said, he’s trying to get Sen. Barbara Boxer, who heads the U.S. Senate Com­mittee on the Environment and Public Works, to hold a congressional hearing on ille­gal marijuana cultivation on public lands. He said he plans on asking Gabriel to come back and address Congress.

“The environmental im­pacts are huge and have to be a huge part of the discus­sion,” Lanier said. “(This study) is a great example of some of the effects.”

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Another Space And TiME

Have your friends collect your records and then change your number.





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Firin’ The Whole

Dateline 12 /7
Of all the drug topics – it’s the closest to having a realistic solution that would remove a house plant from the drug war; making it the most pertinent when it comes to ‘changing the way we fight the war on drugs.’

There are only two ways to participate in this war – as an American Citizen or a Gangster… taxes fund the war on drugs. Do you pay taxes?

If ‘NO’ press (1) for Go Fukk Yourself

If ‘YES’ press (2) for Yer Fukked

Think about it this way – .40 out of every tax dollar goes to keping our children’s future a primarily Chinese one. Do you know how the Chinese traditionally treat drug dealers? How about children? Perhaps you are familiar with the Chinese Government’s attitude about religious freedom?

I guess the same problem we all had on the open forum we have in spades here… nobody cares enough to know more than they do about cannabis legislation. This doesn’t hurt MY feelings at all because you will find the same attitude coming from the advocate sites – they hear what they want to hear and do what they want to do.

I don’t have to offer anything but a counterpoint to general misconceptions to satisfy my own desire to remain involved in the discussion and it comes up quite often in my reality. The thing about it being that regular folks are reluctant enough to discuss their misconceptions – people are insulated by their misconceptions… reality is a frail lattice of misconceptions.

I won’t even begin to address the misconceptions of the individual members who run this site; unless they care to enumerate them – and we both know they won’t respond to anything even remotely constructive on the topic… Most of these folks – like most everybody I encounter – feels that 14 states with cannabis legislation represents a majority. That the ball is rolling and they don’t need to know where the ball is heading or what it is doing on it’s way there…

I’ve used my voice to dispel illusions for long enough and I am far too busy using it for dispelling nightmares and building dreams. When it comes to growing the plant – there are five year old kids who know more about it than either of us. When it comes to selling the product, there are fifth graders playing donkey for parents on welfare… if you went to high school – you knew where to get weed. If you went to college – you knew who was the Dope Man around campus. Kids test drive a new designer drug every week and yet we still haven’t ‘industrialized’ the high school simplicity and college commonplace of a product I personally find to be among the most satisfying remedies under the sun.

Do I sound like an infidel if I say children under the ‘age of majority’ shouldn’t be burning reefers? With or without a recommendation from a doctor – as you know there is no such thing as a ‘prescription’ for reefer outside of the handful of Federal Patients (it might be down to just the one guy by now). I highly recommend it for everybody of adult age – even three years BEFORE society allows them to drink in a bar or buy a beer – but sixteen? Still too young. That’s just me and as it stands – it doesn’t matter even a little bit because NOTHING says it’s okay on a Federal level.

So – let me ax y’this… do you trust the Pfizer corporation MORE or LESS than the ‘Dope Man.’ What do YOU say to a healthcare proposition (of ANY shape or size) that doesn’t address medicinal cannabis when literally every job site in America has an insurance policy that supersedes the employer’s policies, the doctor’s recommendations, the State’s LAWS and (last but not least) the individuals choice?

That may seem like a rhetorical >combination< question, but it is designed to start a ripple of contemplation and I would like it if you would leave this space active for my Thursday activities… I do write and have written extensively on the subject and I wouldn’t mind at all coming through here to comment on current events as they develop. There is no better subject to throw three to five hundred words at on a given day… my endeavor these days is to separate my endeavors more than I have in the past. Give the days their due, you might say. I might say.

We might say?

It’s so hard to keep track these days. I am Q as we are YOU and 3Boz Altogether…

See how they’re dumb like the lemming they’re numb see how they lie.

I’m *sighing* (I’m Si G.H.)

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Another One Spites The Rust

Aquarius Horoscope for week of May 12, 2011

Verticle Oracle card Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
In his Book of Imaginary Beings, Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges reports the following: “Chang Tzu tells us of a persevering man who after three laborious years mastered the art of dragon-slaying. For the rest of his days, he had not a single opportunity to test his skills.” I bring this to your attention, Aquarius, because my reading of the astrological omens suggests that you, too, may be in training to fight a beast that does not exist. Luckily, you’re also in an excellent position to realize that fact, quit the unnecessary quest, and redirect your martial energy into a more worthy endeavor.

While putting on your shirt or blouse some morning, fasten the top button in the second hole, the second button in the third hole, and so on all the way down. For the rest of the day, preserve this dishevelment with all your composure intact, even in the face of odd stares and snide comments. If anyone says, “Hey, your shirt’s buttoned wrong,” reply calmly, “No, it isn’t. I buttoned it this way on purpose.”

Gemini Horoscope for week of May 12, 2011

Verticle Oracle card Gemini (May 21-June 20)
I’ll quote Wikipedia: “Dawn should not be confused with sunrise, which is the moment when the leading edge of the sun itself appears above the horizon.” In other words, dawn comes before the sun has actually showed itself. It’s a ghostly foreshadowing — a pale light appearing out of nowhere to tinge the blackness. Where you are right now, Gemini, is comparable to the last hour before the sunrise. When the pale light first appears, don’t mistake it for the sun and take premature action. Wait until you can actually see the golden rim rising.

Psychotherapists say it’s not only naughty but counterproductive to blame others for your problems. A skilled practitioner urges her clients to accept responsibility for the part they’ve played in creating their predicaments. The reason is as much pragmatic as it is ethical: When you’re obsessed with how people have done you wrong, you have little ambition to change the behavior in yourself that led you into the mess.

While I endorse this approach, I also know that dogmatic adherence to it can warp your mental health as much as any other form of fanaticism. That’s why I urge you to enjoy an unapologetic Blame Fest.

Choose a time when you will find fault with everyone except yourself. Howl in protest at the unfair slights people have committed against you. Wallow in self­pity as you visualize the clueless jerks who have done you wrong. For best results, bark your complaints in the direction of no one but God, an inanimate object, or your mirror.

And For You – Little One…


I like to look at spinning things

I like to touch the ground

I like to picture a smiling you

I like it better

When you’re around

I’d give anything to make you bitter

I’d take it back to please myself

I’d trade you all my inspiration

For some of your nuthin’

To place upon my shelf

You could say we are kindred spirits

You’d be selling yourself short

You can give in to the pleasure

Of killing me

For further sport

Or you could give yourself a real Picasso

Paint yourself a rich Van Gogh

Tell yourself another story

Remind yourself

What we will never know


PapaHopper 200


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The WayBack 2005 (V.7)

 UPDATE // New Year #3 –

This is the Dawn of Something Completely Similar to what it was yesterday. Fear Not. Or, you know, Fear. Whatevs.

 Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Many artists want “to aim for the biggest, most obvious target, and hit it smack in the bull’s eye,” says Brian Eno, a Taurus genius renowned for his innovative music. He prefers a different approach. He’d rather “shoot his arrow” wherever his creative spirit feels called to shoot it, then paint the target around the place where it lands. That’s why his compositions don’t resemble anyone else’s or fit into any traditional genre — it’s Brian Eno-like music. Can I talk you into trying a similar strategy in the coming weeks and months, Taurus? I’d love to see you create a niche for yourself that’s tailored to your specific talents and needs.

  • Stage Manager
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Posted: 02-23-2011 1:07 PM

“Is it bad to live without a hell?” poet Pablo Neruda asks in The Book of Questions. Let’s add these queries to his: Is it dangerous to live without the awakening force that an enemy provides? Is it naive to think you can achieve great success without the driving motivation that comes from thinking about ideas you hate?

Consider the issue from another angle. Dentists love tooth decay. Treating cavities provides them with a steady income. Likewise, exterminators are dependent on termites, lawyers need crime, and priests crave sinners. Lots of people have symbiotic connections with nasty stuff. In fact, isn’t it true that most of us nurture our feelings for the things we love to despise and fear?

What’s your favorite poison or adversary? Assume that your exposure to pronoia is changing you in ways that will require you to update your relationship with it. Speculate on how you’ll go about this task.

Aquarius Horoscope for week of April 28, 2011

Verticle Oracle card Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
“Welcome home, beautiful!” I hope you hear those words or at least experience those feelings very soon. In my astrological opinion, you need to intensify your sense of belonging to a special place or community. You’ve got to grow deeper roots or build a stronger foundation or surround yourself with more nurturing — or all of the above. And that’s not all. As you bask and thrive in your enhanced support system, you also deserve to feel better appreciated for the wonderful qualities you’re working so hard to develop in yourself. Ask and you shall receive.

Is the universe inherently friendly to humans? The answer’s got to be either “yes, definitely” or “no, not really.” It can’t be in between. Whatever you may be inclined to believe, you’ve got to agree that there’s no way to know which is true with absolute certainty.

So then isn’t it stupid and self-destructive to live your life as if the universe is unfriendly? Doing so tends to cast a pall over everything. But if on the other hand you proceed on the hypothesis that the universe is friendly, you’re inclined to interpret everything that occurs as a gift, however challenging it may be to figure out its purpose at first.

Posted: 02-20-2011 2:11 PM

There are a lot of links in there. The Verticle Flame next to Colbert holding up the Union sign (From the film Noma Rae – Sally Field) will take you to the Green Room… when you see the same image inside the Green Room, you will be taken to a thread that is no longer available. The thread that was removed canceled a circuit of three related Union Threads.

The thread that is gone (The United Brotherhood of Flame Workers) used to lead you to a thread in the Northern Hunting Grounds which was topical at the time and related specifically to the Wisconsin Teachers Demonstrations. Q Delicious was in the process of connecting these Northern Threads (typically less than one page worth of posts in the Jon Stewart and Story Ideas sections) with the FLAME domain because there just isn’t enough room in the FLAME Forum for the satirical threads to share the overflow of sanctioned Trolls (or Shills) and their ALTS.

Q D was doing something the Administration deemed a violation, but was for the benefit of the forum at large. A statement like that will easily translate itself to the character we will develop who will be the Q (in one shape or another). I don’t want to get too deep in the VooDoo of it all, but I think our Q will need to be a bit mystical and have a vague intention as opposed to and outright agenda. A crime spree has it’s apeal, and no crime spree is complete with out a sidekick and an acomplice. For the sake of convienience and so that we can begin our narrative with a chase, lets combine the two and do away with the need for a getaway driver.

We should begin immediately with some degree of fantasy, so perhaps we should consider a dog as the accomplice. Like Son of Sam, perhaps what appears to be the accomplice dog will turn out to be the Evil Mastermind behind the apparently random acts of the Q. I like secret laboratories and evil plots to rule the world, the ones that fit into a half hour skit are my favorite. Let’s go with that for now. Q is the Dog and the dog is gone, girl…

Don’t worry… the FWCM Mobile Unit has the latest in Time Travel – The WayBack-2005 (V.7)

(CODE NAME: Gallileo)


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An Udder Forque In Teh Road


Aries Horoscope for week of April 21, 2011

Verticle Oracle card Aries (March 21-April 19)
Now comes one of the supreme tests that most every Aries must periodically face: Will you live up to your promises? Will you follow through on your rousing start? Will you continue to stay passionately committed once the fiery infatuation stage evolves into the earthy foundation-building stage? Here’s a secret to succeeding at this test: You can’t just try to force yourself to “be good” and do the right thing. Nor does it work to use shame or guilt to motivate yourself. Somehow you’ve got to marshal pure, raw excitement for the gritty detail work to come. You’ve got to fall in love with the task of actually fleshing out your dreams.

Tuesday was always Hunter S. Thompson Day. :LINK: //SeVeN Months Ago… A(f)LK Live.

You have a buddy named Hunter. Today, we’ll create a character called Sachmo Louis and he will be a hunter of men… I like Louis as opposed to Lewis. It will lend a heritage to the Character and create a backstory all by itself. I’m gonna make him a Jew and we’ll ALSO make him Creole… Louisianna would be a great place to set the story and we might; but first we’ll need an antagonist and a plot or theme. Louis is going to be a Bounty Hunter, so I will be the antagonist… I will be Q. I will be YOU. It’s what I DO.

Gimmie a minute… I’ll come up with an infraction. We’ll have us a conflict. You’ll love ITT.

SACRED ADVERTISEMENT  : Rob Breszny’s Real Astrology comes out on Tuesdays…

The factor most likely to drive us to addiction or illness is a lack of intimate contact with spirit. We all need a daily dose of vastness. Paradoxically, many of us would also benefit from more microscopic vision. Because we’re so deprived of divine connection, we’re half-dreaming all the time; our unconscious pining for the eternal source distracts us from the vivid little glories that are splayed out around us. And so we miss the Divine Wow from both directions.

Try this: Prime your connection with spirit by focusing your attention on tones and shapes you usually miss: reflections in windows, the sky between the oak tree’s branches, the shadows on the water, the two different emotions in a friend’s eyes and mouth.

Taurus Horoscope for week of April 21, 2011

Verticle Oracle cardTaurus (April 20-May 20)
In his book on intuition, psychologist David G. Myers defines it as “the capacity for direct knowledge and immediate insight, without any observation or reason.” Another expert on the subject, Malcolm Gladwell, describes intuition as the “power of thinking without thinking.” Both authors encourage us to cultivate this undersung way of grasping our raw experience. But Myers also warns us of the perils of intuition if it’s untempered by logic and analysis. It can lead us down rabbit holes where we lose track of the difference between our fantasies and the real world. It can cause us to mistake our fears for accurate ESP or get lost in a maze of self-fulfilling prophecies. I bring all of this to your attention, Taurus, because the coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to hone and purify your intuition.

This man has had a significant impact on my life. I have no compunction at all about using any and everything he says in my own reality; he therefor makes a perfect metronome for our opus – for that is what this will become. We already have an Pro and Antagonist… we have considerably more than many professional writers require when beginning their tales. Ours will be an awesome epic, so there is no reason to jump too far ahead. If we read these horoscopes in order (Aries – Taurus – Gemini – Aquarius ) we have not only a theme, but a time line that is subject to interpretation by each of us.

What that means is that each of our primary concerns will be represented by a weekly horoscope and each of us will have a unique perspective on what import a horoscope holds. Not just for us, but for our story… I know you, I know me, I know the woman I live with and all the rest of the characters and plots and themes will be represented by Gemini. Until very recently, I was an avid reader of the Leo horoscope because of the prideful intent of the Lions mentality. I also have always admired the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah connotations. The Rasta / Israelite theme of it all. I think Gemini better represents the esoteric nature of the story we will need to tell. We will need to divide ourselves and conquer each other.


The German religious reformer Martin Luther was fond of referring to the faculty of reason as a “damned whore.” He believed it gave itself in service to any old theory, often propping up specious arguments rooted in hidden emotional agendas.

Though I regard my ability to reason as a prized asset, I confess to having some of Luther’s mistrust. Like most of us, I have corrupted my logical mind by sometimes using it to disguise and rationalize my subjective biases.

Can you imagine having so much self-awareness that you never turn your reasoning ability into a whore? Are you willing to probe with merciless honesty for the unconscious feelings that drive you to believe what you do, and to analyze the ways you mask your subjective biases as “objective fact”? Could you suspend all your preconceptions and greet every situation with a scrupulously open mind? Try to live up to that high standard for a period of three days.

The ‘Sacred Advertisement’ always applies but occasionally repeats. They are the pinacle of the Cookie Fortune… the dime store philosophies of this character Breszny. I will always want to use my ‘scope for myself, but occasionally someone elses is more appropriate for what I am writing at the time. I don’t have all day for this HumboldtKids concern, but I want this story to be specific to you and your plight in your arena… that is why I will cut to the core as well as possible by using your friends names for key roles and main characters in our fictional drama. I can’t possibly know any of those Reefer Babies… they all hate me for loving you the way I DO. 

It likely goes without saying that our main character is going to leave the swamps and the bayous for the hills of Humboldt… I’ll be writing about what we already know. I know we will both enjoy it better than the realities we will be translating. I hope you enjoy it enough to remember, well…

Gemini Horoscope for week of April 21, 2011

Verticle Oracle cardGemini (May 21-June 20)
One of the most impressive elements of the Egyptian uprising in January and February came after it was all over. Eighteen days of street protests created a huge mess in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and the surrounding area. When Hosni Mubarak finally resigned and reforms began percolating, thousands of demonstrators returned with brooms and rubber gloves and garbage bags to set the place back in order. I urge you to follow a similar sequence in the coming weeks, Gemini. Agitate for change; rebel against the stale status quo; fight corruption and ignorance; and once your work has led to at least a partial success, clean up after yourself.

 To the ancient Chinese, pigs were sacred because they could eat anything and turn it into energy. The creatures were regarded as masters of transmutation. Nothing, not even garbage, was unusable to them. The Chinese aspired to be like pigs in the sense of being able to learn from and derive benefit from every experience, not just the tidy, tasteful ones.

Borrowing this strategy, name two garbage-like experiences that you could turn into fuel for your growing urge to be a pronoiac co-conspirator.

Because I share my life with an Aries, the easiest interaction for me to understand has been the conflict between me and my partner. The one that exists because friction and motion go hand in hand. If she and I didn’t bang heads we would never have made it this far. Half your life, Little One. Half your life I have been moving toward trying to be a part of it… so… half your life you have spent learning to understand what happened eight years ago. When you met this woman who loves you as much as I do; minus the blood. She cannot share your spirit any more than anyone else in the world besides your blood family. Can you hate her for that?

No, Darling, you cannot. No more than you can be prevented from loving the part of me coursing through your veins like the number SeVeN courses through EVERYHTING on it’s way and to from the ZERO. Influence you deliberately is what she and I have done these last eight years. Every step we have taken together, she and I, has been a deliberate attempt to provide you that which every law, both natural and man made, says you should have. A father’s love. Unconditional love.

These common memories we share of the last eight years are a kind of plug. A serious fork in what is your road due to fate and what is your Dream due to history and heritage. It is, for my Aries Ocho and I, an exercise in futility. It is our definition of horrible, but it needn’t be such for you. As you integrate your childhood and your puberty into your adolescence you will make these memories into your dreams of adulthood. These dreams have been taken from you. It is not your fault, I say again with emphasis. One more time with a feeling. You did nothing wrong. The world has required this temperance from your Irish Blood.

As important as that is to your state of mind; you will never hear this story from anyone but me. You already have the half of the story that you feel is what you need to ignore your father. The last time we spoke on the telephone I gave you what you needed to remove the last of the court nonsense so you don’t have to attend the ‘therapeutic counseling’ which civilized society (i.e. science, human compassion, rule of law) has determined is necessary to address the trauma associated with these last eight years of being a Reefer Baby.

Because you are caught within a cult of denial, the first order of business is to understand what it took to get you to deny your father. For that, we will have to understand what it is you have denied… half your life not just time wise, but blood wise.

You were not born in the EmTri… you were not even raised there. You were sequestered. Isolated. Talking about what came before in a non fiction way will happen. Just not here in the HumboldtKids spot. Here we want to blend fictions. Here we want to let your friends have their voice.

In addition to knowing more about your friends and your community than you think I do, I know more than they want me to share. The same is true of the legal system that supports the denial you have been subjected to. While these are interesting stories, they are not the kind that hold your attention. They hold mine because it is a history that others can learn from. You don’t need to learn about anything other than who you are going to be without the first eight years of memories your peers won’t allow you to access and your mother refuses to acknowledge.

Aquarius Horoscope for week of April 21, 2011

Verticle Oracle cardAquarius (January 20-February 19)
“Search For Self Called Off After 38 Years,” read the headline in
The Onion. “I always thought that if I kept searching and exploring, I’d discover who I truly was,” the report began, quoting 38-year-old Andrew Speth. “Well, I looked deep into the innermost recesses of my soul, and you know what I found? An empty, windowless room the size of an aircraft hangar. From now on, if anybody needs me, I’ll be sprawled out on my couch drinking black-cherry soda and watching Law & Order like everybody else.” I wonder if Speth is an Aquarius? Many of my Aquarian acquaintances seem to have hit a dead end recently in their quest to fulfill the ancient maxim “Know thyself.” If you’re like that, please hang on. The floodgates of self-discovery will open soon.

“The reality of love is mutilated when it is removed from all its unreality.” So said the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard in his book
The Poetics of Reverie.

He meant that realism alone is not enough for human beings to live on, especially in our most intimate relationships. We need fantasy to augment the merely factual perspective. We require poetic truths to keep the rational approach honest.

Without the play of the imagination, in fact, our understanding of the world is impoverished and ­distorted.

(P.S. Nietzsche said: “We have art in order not to perish of truth.”)

I almost always wait until Wednesday to read Tuesdays horoscope, but today is the cusp of Aries and the beginning of my house, Taurus. Because it is an important day in my life and it’s been a month since I wrote anything here, I decided to reproduce all four of the horoscopes I use every week to understand the dynamics in my life. These horoscopes are important to me… so will this story be. I have to move away from the themes I have been studying by incorporating them into three separate expressions. This will be the least important of the three, but only because the children who have been sacrificed to the Reefer Trade are just that… sacrificed. Learning to understand these Reefer Babies has been a superficial side effect of learning to understand the mentality that has allowed this to happen to us.

Things being what they are, we will let the least be first… we will tell an entertaining tale and let the chips both fall and be stacked elsewhere. We will, as advised, continue our search for self in a bag of cheesy poofs and old Friends episodes. We will make our playground what it needs to be by letting it tell the story that needs telling. I will no longer embrace the illusions I have helped create, but instead follow the trail this fiction has created back to the place where your memories became dreams and your dreams became illusions. I was there. I saw the whole thing go down.

Powerless to stop it, I made it what you needed it to be. A cellular memory of your father’s unconditional love. For the last year and a half, I have made those memories into an epic tale. Like the ones that used to put you to sleep when you were knee high to a grasshopper. Are you ready to hear that story, Jo Jo?

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